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John Henry Kirby letter to son Jay dated May 10, 1930

John H Kirby letter to son Jay May 10 19

 My Dear Jay:


I was delighted to have your letter of the third written for Vernonia that posted at some other place on May 5.


I should be glad and need to hear from you in camp and find out just what assignments you and Raymond  have secured and how do you like your environment, the work, your associates, the accommodations and everything else.


You must keep your eyes open and your mind working in order to make yourself useful to your employers as well as to acquire for yourself a knowledge that will be serviceable in after years.


You’ve started right and while I should be very glad if in the course of time you re-enter school for further academic training I am presently glad that since it was not your wish to continue your schoolwork, you have taken up service in the lumber business with the view of preparing yourself for a career in that industry.


Give me your confidence in everything and write me freely about everything that concerns you. 


Hoping to hear often I am, with affection wish,


Your daddy


John Henry Kirby


Location: Silsbee Ice House Museum, available for viewing in person.

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