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Advantages and Perks of


The museum is supported by memberships and grants, but membership is a definite advantage to you!

Private White Glove Tours

  • Put on white gloves and handle the artifacts with a private tour!


19th Century "Madstone" used to treat

snake and dog bites.

Behind the Scenes Tours

  • Get a personal tour of artifacts that we are archiving now!

Our Education Director and Preservationsit, Debbie Brown and our Historian, Henry Brown researching our John Hennry Kirby Collection.

behind the scenes.jpg

Historical/Archaeological Field Tours

  • Local historic site tours, old Ferry Landings, Pioneer Home Ruins, Pioneer Cemeteries, Ghost Towns, etc

dr shine's Drugstore.jpg
dr shines drugstore now.jpg

1910 Off ice of Dr. U.H. Shine on left, building today in ghost town near Woodville, TX 

Membership and Professionalism

  • Membership is a plus on resumes' of adults and high school students with college ambitions. 

Happy Student
Checking Text on a Document

Networking with Other Members

  • Business relationships are a natural offshoot of working together for a project for the better good of community.


Other Member Perks

  • Access to Museum Documents for research

  • First call on Event tickets

  • Wine tasting and cultural events (music and art)

  • Free entry to all Exhibits! (excluding events)

  • Free use of (coming soon)

Won't you join us in the past?

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