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The museum is reopening on May 15, 2021 from 10:00-4:00PM
The following week, we begin regular hours of:
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Social distancing is required inside of the museum.  Unless noted, please do not touch the exhibits.  Masks are encouraged but not required. No public restroom.  Thank you for helping us to keep our patrons safe!

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Museum COVID policy:

This photo is of Darrell Shine and Basil Bailey 

All exhibits are now open to the public as of May 15, 2021
The pioneers of Southeast Texas lived among dangerous predators, including Cougars, Bears, Panthers and Wolves.  There are many that say they are still in the Big Thicket.  See what we have found.
It is difficult for the 21st century citizen to appreciate the importance of ice before refrigeration.  The artificial ice plant in the 1920's, like The Silsbee Ice House, provided blocks of ice for iceboxes, delivered by horse and wagon. This exhibit is a life size wagon and a section of a 1920 house and kitchen which illustrates this.
 A look at some of the real doctors who practiced between 1850 and 1920 here in Hardin and the surrounding counties of SE Texas including a display of their instruments,  medicine, folklores and traditions as they saved lives, delivered babies, and "doctored" the mill folk of The Big Thicket.  Includes stories, photos, herbal recipes, and daily diaries of their practices, passed down by their descendants. 
Guns were traditionally passed from generation to generation in the 1800's and early 1900's in  SE Texas.  Many of these pioneer guns are still in the area, held in  homes of their descendants for 100 years and more.  We have gathered some of these rare guns together into an exhibit to be shared here at the Ice House Museum, guns that killed bears and wolves.